Apeks RK4 Fins

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Conserve energy with this compact, wide-blade technical fin. Providing outstanding manoeuvrability in confined spaces and overhead environments, the RK4 also delivers optimum performance in open spaces.

Suitable for use with both wetsuits and drysuits, the RK4 fins are perfect for frog-kicking and back-finning.


  • Modern style technical fin that delivers the ultimate in performance.
  • Provides exceptional manoeuvrability and allows small accurate movements in confined spaces, reducing disturbance of sand and silt. Perfect for frog-kicking.
  • Delivers a more energy efficient dive with optimum performance on both the upstroke and downstroke.
  • Allows quick and easy changes between settings for wetsuits and drysuits, with 2 adjustment points and stainless-steel spring straps.
  • Reduces snag hazards with integrated stainless-steel buckles that are durable and tough.
  • Durable and easy to recycle with one piece rubber construction.
  • Easy to put on and take off, even when wearing gloves.