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Adrenalins' new zip hot top, it's a 1.5mm super stretch neoprene zip top.
Thermo X Skin - superior warmth & flexibility.
Features 100% super-stretch neoprene, manufactured with Adrenalin advanced wetsuit design, materials & construction and backed by Adrenalin's amazing Lifetime Warranty.

100% super stretch neoprene
Every panel uses 100% super-stretch neoprene.
The ultimate in 4-way stretch neoprene for comfort, warmth & flexibility. Super comfort and flexibility for where it counts.
Thermo glide super-stretch lining
Micro plush provides extra warmth, glides on easy. Doesn't stick or grab when putting on or taking off.
External flatlock seam
The strongest, most durable seam flex with the suit for maximum performance.
Smoothie neck
Smooth feel, prevents rash and creates a comfort-fit water tight seal.
Internal spot taping on seams
Strengthens seam joins without compromising the flexibility of the suit.
Innovative panel configuration
Creating greater range of motion while minimising rashes in highly mobile and sensitive areas.
Genuine YKK #10 heavy duty zip
World's best heavy duty zips for wetsuits. Smooth running, hard wearing and non-corrosive zips.
Fits like a second skin
Unrestricted movement and amazing comfort-fit with 100% super-stretch. Outstanding value for a must-have summer item.